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R.Capper Ltd specialises in products designed to make milking cows, faster, more efficient and ultimately more profitable, by saving time and reducing energy costs.

Having worked on dairy farms for many years, initially as herd manager and later installing milking machinery, we fully appreciate the demands placed on farmers and their staff when milking and handling cows. All the products we sell are designed to be strong, efficient, reliable and to save both time and money. We can also help in the design, layout and construction of milking parlours, AI races, sorting gates and cattle handling areas

cows in a yard  

The Hi-Flow Backing Gate is designed for use in rectangular collecting yards to bring the cows into the milking parlour, reducing the need for the milker to leave pit, saving time and reducing stress to both the cows and the operator.

The backing gate can be built to allow access for the cows and machinery underneath the backing gate running track, if required.

There are various programs for the backing gate to suit individual requirements.

CSL Varivac

Dairy farms are very energy intensive businesses; one of the highest energy costs associated with milking cows is the power needed to drive the vacuum pumps. The CSL Varivac is designed to greatly reduce the power required by the vacuum pump motors. The CSL Varivac can be fitted to any type of vacuum pump providing it is run by a three-phase motor.

The system works by sensing the vacuum level in the milking parlour, then raising or lowering the speed of the vacuum to keep the vacuum level constant. This has the benefit that the motors run slower, most of the time so reducing noise and also reducing the wear and tear on the pump.
Other benefits include improved vacuum reserve capacity, improved motor protection and the system also has dedicated milk and wash programs to improve washing performance.

CSL Milkflow

Another product we sell is the CSL Milkflow, which is a variable speed milk pump controller, designed to control the speed which the milk is pumped away from the receiver can. This saves power by reducing the running speed of the milk pump and by improving the cooling of the milk when used in conjunction with a plate cooler. The slower running speeds also reduce the damage done to the milk during pumping. The CSL Milkflow also has a dedicated wash program, which can help to reduce the likelihood of the receiver can flooding during washing.


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