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Established in 2007, R Capper Ltd specialises in the manufacture and installation of machinery and equipment associated with the modern dairy farm. Coming from a dairying background we fully appreciate the needs and demands of modern dairy farming. The products we sell are designed to save the customer both time and money.

The main part of our work involves the manufacture and installation of the Hi-Flow Backing Gate. Originally known in the UK as the Mountpleasant Backing Gate and now as the Hi-Flow Backing Gate there are well over 200 of these backing gates installed on farms all over the UK and Ireland. The gate is of a robust design, to cope with the harsh operating conditions, yet is designed to avoid damaging the cows.

We also import other energy saving equipment from New Zealand, designed to make milking more efficient and to save on energy costs. The Varivac is a fully featured electronic vacuum pump controlling computer, saving upto 80% of the electricity used by the vacuum pumps electric motors. Other savings also include reduced wear and tear on the vacuum pump and reduced servicing costs of the regulator. The Varivac is manufactured by Corkill Systems Ltd (CSL) in New Zealand, who are industry leaders in this type of equipment.

Another CSL product we market is their variable speed milk pump controller. Designed to reduce the damage done to the milk during pumping and also to increase the efficiency of the milk cooling when connected to a plate cooler.

We can also help in the design and layout of the milking parlour, the installation of the milking equipment and stallwork and we can also design and build cattle handling and AI areas as required. 

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