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The CSL Varivac is an electronic vacuum pump controller, designed to reduce the power required to provide vacuum in the milking parlour, while still providing adequate vacuum reserve to allow the cows to be milked as efficiently as possible.                                                           
The CSL Varivac works by sensing the vacuum level in the vacuum pipeline in the milking parlour and regulating the speed of the electric motor driving the vacuum pump, to keep the vacuum level constant.
Running the vacuum pumps slower means there is less noise both from the vacuum pumps themselves and also the vacuum regulator.

Vari Vac

Benefits Of The CSL Varivac

  • Greatly Reduced Power Requirements Typically between 40% and 80% on Vacuum pumps in systems where the plant has at least the recommended Vacuum Reserve.
  • Improved Motor Protection.
  • Reduced Vacuum Pump Wear.
  • Less Vacuum Air Noise.
  • Lower Water or Oil Usage.
  • Lower Plant Maintenance Costs.
  • Improved Vacuum Reserve Capacity.
  • Dedicated "Milk" and "Wash" Programs.
  • Generally faster milking times.
  • Improved Hygiene.

Features of the CSL Varivac Vacuum Control System

  • System can be retrofitted to any existing Vacuum Pumps.
  • System easily installed between milkings.
  • Single controller operates multiple Vacuum Pump Systems.
  • "Milk" and "Wash" menus allow user selectable vacuum levels.
  • Improved hygiene due to no Air Regulator admissions.
  • Reduced noise due to lower pump speeds and no Air Regulator inrush noise.
  • Coolant requirement (water or oil) reduced due to lower pump speeds.
  • Vacuum level stability improved during milking phase.
  • Vacuum overshoot significantly reduced.
  • Increased Vacuum capacity due to "on-demand" system.
  • "Wash" menu allows user to customise wash for desired contact times.
  • Soft starting by controller reduces shock load wear factors.
  • Vacuum system components wear reduced due to lower pump speeds.
  • Less Plant Maintenance.
  • The Controller provides improved motor protection including: Electronic overload protection Ground fault protection Phase loss protection Short circuit protection. Protection from incoming voltage surges and spike.


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