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The CSL Milkflow milk pump controller is a variable speed milk pump controller, which is designed to make milk pumping and cooling more efficient. As milk flow varies during milking, the Milkflow controller speeds up or slows down the milk pump as required. This keeps a steady, more controlled flow of milk going through the plate cooler, allowing more efficient cooling of the milk before it reaches the bulk tank. The Milkflow controller can also be used to switch a solenoid or a cooler pump when fitted to the plate cooler.

There are fully variable and separate “MILK” and “WASH” menus to allow optimum pumping during both milking and washing cycles.

Milk Flow

Benefits of controlled milk pump systems

  • Milk quality is maintained to the bulk tank by eliminating harsh treatment of your milk.
  • Over-pumping damages milk, controlled milk pumping generally shows a test improvement because of reduced damage to milk fat and protein.
  • C.S.L. Milkflow ensures efficient, gentle pumping of milk at constantly variable flow rates matched to the incoming milk flow into the Receiver that dramatically improves milk cooling.
  • Reducing continuous or high speed pumping reduces pump and motor wear.
  • When there is no milk flow, the pump stops, this prevents aerating the milk in bottom fill systems and creating froth in the bulk tank.
  • Dedicated individual programs allow optimum milking and washing phases, no compromises between.
  • Dedicated "wash" program using the relay.


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